Turtle Trading FX, focuses on trading with smart money entities. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, we believe you can gain insight on how to identify market manipulation and master market movement all based on pure price!

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What is Turtle Trading FX? 


The purpose of Turtle Trading FX is to simply make YOU a profitable trader... and to help you truly understand price action.


Take the guessing out of trading.  When you know what to look for there is no need to force a trade.


No more fear of missing moves. Patience comes with having a real profitable system.


Have the confidence to execute the trade knowing the odds are in your favor.


We cover concepts such as market structure, how to identify manipulation, trading psychology and last but not least trade management.  


Collectively, our team of traders have over 15+ years of trading experience and thousands of hours backtesting and perfecting the Turtle Trading FX system.


Have the confidence to execute the trade knowing the odds are in your favor. We've made every possible mistake on the charts so you don't have to.


Rest assure, we stand behind our lessons and experiences and believe us when we say, this is the last course you'll ever need.


Join our growing community of over 450+ members who are actively trading our proven strategy. 

Proven Strategy:


When you know what to look for there is no need to make it complicated.

Masters of Managing Risk

“Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have." - Paul Tudor Jones


Becoming a profitable trader:


Choosing the right team.

We understand that competition is a dime a dozen, what makes us better than the competition? We let our material and personal trades do the talking. 

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Commit to the journey ahead

Trading is simple but it's not easy. We know this and we are here to help. If you truly commit to our setups and material you will be light years ahead of the rest.

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Learn the skill

Our course material is second to none. We realize that having the best material sometimes is not enough, it needs structure.  Material structure is everything when it comes to knowledge retention and we've got you covered!

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Practice makes perfect

We offer plenty of free resources and software where you can put your skills to the test and perfect your system.

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Receive up to $400k in funding

The number one reason why most traders fail is due to lack of capital. We know trading your hard earned money can be tough, this is why we are huge believers in using prop firms and private funding to achieve real trading success. Our goal is to provide our students with all of the necessary tools and knowledge to qualify and receive proper funding.

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                                Our students' success speaks volumes.

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