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The reality is 90% of traders either give up or fail altogether within their first 3 months of opening a trading account.

Most traders don't have a complete trading system that gives them entries, stops and targets. They will simply

go into the markets and start winging trades hoping for profitability.

Does that sound familiar?

The constant agony of not knowing exactly what to look for in the markets.

Constantly feeling that you are scrambling in the market trying to find trades, instead of letting the trades come to you.


Turtle Trading Fx

We take the guess work out of our trading with our refined, mechanical trading strategies that give us EXACTLY what we are looking for... which takes ALL the guess work out of trading. We simply wake up, look for a specific set of criteria to enter, during specific times of the day, and execute!

All it takes is just 1-2 Hours a day to make any amount of money you want!


The purpose of Turtle Trading FX is to simply make YOU a profitable trader... and to help you truly understand price action.


Take the guessing out of trading.  When you know what to look for there is no need to force a trade.


No more fear of missing moves. Patience comes with having a real profitable system.


Have the confidence to execute the trade knowing the odds are in your favor.


We cover concepts such as market structure, how to identify manipulation, trading psychology and last but not least trade management.  


Collectively, our team of traders have over 15+ years of trading experience and thousands of hours backtesting and perfecting the Turtle Trading FX system.


Have the confidence to execute the trade knowing the odds are in your favor. We've made every possible mistake on the charts so you don't have to.


Rest assure, we stand behind our lessons and experiences and believe us when we say, this is the last course you'll ever need.


Join our growing community of over 450+ members who are actively trading our proven strategy. 

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